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Der grandiose Bildverkleinerer v1.7b

Everyone who calls a digital camera his own knows this problem: You copy your photos to your harddisk and you want to mail some of them to a friend. But sadly, the pictures have a size like 2560x2048 or something, but 640x480 or 320x240 would just be enough for the eMail.

It's very annoying to resize every single picture, so that's the reason why this tool exists. You start it, select a folder containing pictures, enter a new size (in pixels or in percent), click "start" and sit back. Some tiny moments later, there is a new subfolder available with a resized copy of every picture. Of course, the pictures can also be made bigger instead of smaller.

NOTE: so far, this tool is only available in German.

"An excellent tool! That's why I give it to you. Personally, I don't need it, because my slaves are always resizing my photos for me. Have fun!"
- Dr. Wuro
"Der grandiose Bildverkleinerer" is free of charge. However, if you like to use it and if it saved your life from time to time, you might like to show your gratitude with the help of this little button and an arbitrary amount of bucks:


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